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Drip Marketing Made Simple for Your Agency

Give the agency a marketing tool that makes follow-up effortless and helps your agents drum up sales from older leads.

It's called LeadMiner, and it's an email autoresponder program that lets you or your agents create an extensive drip marketing campaign overnight. It's the ONLY autoresponder that connects to a quote engine to send out customized, updated health proposals in every single email.

Make sure marketing messages stay in front of prospects for months at a time - and it only takes one easy set-up. When they view this online proposal, an instant email notification is sent to let you know when the prospect is showing interest again.

Improve Sales with Ongoing Drip Marketing Campaigns

How can you improve sales with drip marketing tools?

  • Quote leads updated rates each time they open the email - without lifting a finger
  • Automatically and instantly introduce yourself to leads with a personalized response sent out the moment they enter the system
  • Control when - and how many - messages are sent
  • Pick up additional sales from leads you never would have had time to contact again
  • Automatically store prospect information in the lead management system
  • Dramatically reduce your admin time by automating the follow-up process
  • Keep proposals in front of prospects so they think of you when they are ready to buy

Does this sound like something that could boost sales and improve productivity in your agency? Request a demo now to see how these drip marketing tools and email autoresponders can work for you.

Or see how autoresponders fit into the agency's budget by downloading our product pricing chart.

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