Product Updates

BrokerOffice Adds BrokerMeeting Desktop Sharing
Norvax’s new BrokerMeeting tool combines traditional kitchen table closings with today’s telephone sales. Now you and your client can view the same documents, forms and online tools — even if you’re thousands of miles apart. It even gives you third-party tracking of client e-signatures on applications.

Because it’s integrated within your BrokerOffice tool, you can start using BrokerMeeting immediately. Best of all, there’s nothing to download or install. One click will send your prospect a secure link to a private webpage where you can share screen views and signatures.


Move Leads in AgencyOffice
AgencyOffice users now have the ability to “move” or reassign leads to other agents. Leads that were previously assigned to a subagent may now be "moved" to another account.

For example, if a subagent leaves an agency, the AgencyOffice administrator can reassign that subagent’s leads to another agent. This functionality, however, cannot be used on quote engine leads or manually entered leads.


Option to Copy Notes and History when Reassigning Leads
This new feature benefits all AgencyOffice users (especially those who like leads worked by more than one person). Previously when a lead was in someone's account and then moved to another agent’s account, all the notes and history would be lost. Now the agent has the option to keep or remove this information.


BrokerOffice Adds New Function to Lead View
You now have more options available in your BrokerOffice Lead View page.

For starters, you can now view your prospect's previous proposals through the View/Edit Lead page.

Previously, when you logged into BrokerOffice, you could find your past proposals by clicking on the Proposal tab or by looking under the Leads tab (searching by date) and clicking on the date the proposal was created. Now you can access it through the View/Edit Lead page.

In addition, you can also now add names to spouses and children. Previously the only information recorded was: sex, birth date, age, height, weight, smoker and student status.