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When you run rates on our quote engine, or when a prospect compares plans on your insurance website, neither of you have to give the technology behind it a second thought. And you shouldn't have to - our tools perform fast and dependably every time.

Our experts have built these insurance tools with the fastest, most secure, and reliable hardware and software available.

The Technology behind the Norvax Tool Suite

Norvax maintains five 64-bit dual-core application servers that host the insurance tools. These servers are built to run in high-demand environments. And that's a good thing - on an average day they generate more than 515,474 quotes.

Our "server cluster" is load-balanced. That means that every time you use the tools - and every time a prospect visits your website - the cluster automatically and equally distributes the traffic among the application servers using a round-robin algorithm.

This keeps your website and your quote engine running fast. Load balancing is also critical for fault tolerance. If the performance of one server crashes, the other servers are there to make the failure go unnoticed.

The servers are backed by the leading hosting company Rackspace. The Rackspace zero down-time network is built on high-performance bandwidth, and is partnered with 9 other networks to ensure information flows swiftly and reliably.

Our applications are built and run on Java Enterprise Edition 5. This industry-standard technology framework - developed by Sun Microsystems and maintained by a robust community of developers - is powerful enough to run our demanding applications. And it's flexible enough to let us continually upgrade and expand our services.

We use a scalable, fault-tolerant, and multi-threaded MySQL database environment that gives you 24/7 access to lead information. MySQL is used by large companies including Yahoo!, Travelocity, and Amazon. The MySQL database is fast and reliable, which means you save time.

To ensure that information is always quickly available, all data is replicated across four powerful database servers. In the case that one server crashes or needs to be taken down for maintenance, the applications will transparently begin sending requests to another database in the cluster.

If overall application usage increases as our company continues to grow, another server can be quickly added to the cluster to ensure you don't notice any service issues. This is the proven and trusted replication environment that is used by CitySearch, CraigsList, and other large online communities.

Application data and web documents are served using Caucho Technology's Resin server software. Resin is one of the most sophisticated server software packages available, and its load-balancing capability is crucial for delivering fast performance for agents and prospects using our servers. And Resin's reliable performance means that our servers are always up and running whenever you and your prospects need them.

The whole system is run on the Red Hat Linux operating system. The Linux system is developed, maintained, and constantly improved by a global community of programmers - so it isn't reliant on a single company's bottom line for upgrades and support. The Red Hat implementation of Linux is regarded by many as one of the most sophisticated and fully-featured operating systems available.

Security And Protection

The data stored on our server is kept safe from hackers and other prying eyes by a robust internet firewall, and SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. SSL is an added level of security for transmitting data.

Our back-up and strict security policy protect you from data-loss. All data is backed up every day and is stored off-site - so it's safe even in the event of a catastrophe.

The systems are automatically monitored every two seconds. Alerts are issued the instant anything breaks. Network technicians are on call 24/7 to handle any server issue. And because the server cluster has built-in redundancies, the entire system keeps running even if a part of it breaks.

Email Administration

Norvax also handles email administration, to make sure that messages sent from the LeadMiner autoresponder are reliably delivered to prospects. We get our servers "whitelisted" wherever possible. We are dedicated to responsible email marketing, and we constantly monitor delivery volume to make sure messages aren't confused with spam and other junk email.

Want to learn more about the Norvax tool suite? Talk to our Product Specialists, or schedule a demo and see how our insurance sales tools and technology works in action.

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