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Software Engineer

Job Type : Full Time
Department : Technology
Job Description :

A Software Engineer is a Java developer responsible for writing, testing, and maintaining code for our core products. The developer will work in small- to mid-size teams to develop products in an agile environment.

Norvax offers a full benefits package, an open vacation policy, a very casual dress code and a fun, interactive working environment.

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  • Turning business requirements and high-level designs into usable software
  • Designing features and enhancements for a product
  • Writing unit tests to ensure that products function as required
  • Documenting all code and designs
  • Reviewing the code of other developers
  • Maintaining and debugging production applications
  • Working with project managers and senior developers to make sure deadlines are met

Job Specifications:

  • At least 1 year of real-world Java development experience
  • Experience with Java web development (XHTML, JSPs, Servlets, etc.)
  • Experience working with a common IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.)
  • Experience with version control systems (Subversion preferred)
  • Experience with relational databases (MySQL preferred)
  • Experience writing unit tests with JUnit or TestNG
  • Experience with common Java frameworks (Apache Commons, Struts, Spring, etc.)
  • Knowledge of basic design patterns and algorithms
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Willingness to learn and be part of a fast-growing department
  • Knowledge of Ruby, Scala or Python is a plus

What you'll do as a part of the Norvax Product Development Team…

  • Practice Scrum and all its ceremonies (planning meetings, demos and retrospective meetings). Everyone is given an opportunity to be a Scrum Master.
  • Stand to meet daily in front of our task boards. Yes, we use Post-It notes.
  • Create, innovate and conduct "brown-bag" technical sessions.
  • Everyone writes code — even our Architects.
  • The code we write is at least 80 percent covered by JUnit test cases. Test cases are written for our business logic, DAO implementations and controllers.

Here’s just a bit about the development tools you’ll utilize:

  • We use JDK 1.6, Hudson, PMD, CPD, CheckStyle, Subversion, Eclipse, CentOS, Apache Ivy, Apache Ant, Capistrano and MXJ.
  • Our applications are powered by Spring, Hibernate and other Open Source frameworks.

Norvax, Inc. is a leading developer of Web-based sales and online insurance marketing tools for the health insurance industry, helping insurance brokers, agents and carriers connect with customers and transact business more efficiently. From insurance websites to insurance software and lead management tools, the Norvax product suite lets insurance agents increase sales, cut administrative time and reduce expenses.

Founded in 2001, Norvax was named among the top ten fastest-growing software companies in the U.S. in 2007 by Inc. Magazine. Norvax is privately held and headquartered in Chicago.

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