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Job Title : DevOps Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Reports To : Operations Manager
Department : Technology

The DevOps Engineer will be responsible for developing systems to streamline the development, testing and deployment of our SaaS-based products, and for building tools which can help us to extract useful data from our systems to assist us in continually improving our products and operations.

The DevOps engineer will work with the Product Development, Quality Assurance and Network Operations teams to deliver application changes as frequently as needed in a consistent, seamless and automated way.


  • Be actively involved in the agile software development process as a core team member
  • Helping shape the company's continuous delivery strategy and implementation
  • Implementing automated configuration management modules
  • Taking accountability for the performance and reliability of applications
  • Working with the Operations and Product Development teams in continually improving the company's automated software deployment process
  • Performing network and operational tasks in the internal and production systems
  • Evangelizing DevOps practices


  • Good programming/scripting capabilities
  • Strong Linux skills (preferably of CentOS/RedHat)
  • Very comfortable in the command line, writing bash scripts, etc.
  • Test-driven development and testing practices
  • Monitoring and instrumentation setup and design
  • Performance analysis and testing
  • Setup and maintenance of Continuous Integration cluster (e.g. Jenkins, Hudson)
  • Ability to work as part of an agile development team (e.g. Scrum, Kanban)
  • An understanding of distributed version control systems (e.g. Mercurial, Git)

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Experience in Automated configuration management (e.g. puppet, chef)
  • Some experience in database and network administration
  • Some experience in Ruby, Python, Perl
  • Some experience in Apache and PHP
  • Some experience in application performance monitor (e.g. NewRelic, dynaTrace)
  • Some experience in public or private cloud environment
  • Some experience in Splunk or LogRythm

*Feel free to enter zeros in the social security field of the online application.

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