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Writing Insurance Website Content Prospects and Search Engines Love

Good content is an important part of successful websites. Well-written, engaging content builds trust and persuades visitors to take the action you want to on the site. And if it's written properly, it can help improve website rankings in popular search engine listings.

Here are some tips for writing insurance agency website content that appeals to both online prospects and the major search engines:

  • Focus each page on one keyword or phrase.

Research the keywords prospects are using to look up health insurance in your area. Tools you can use to do this are WordTracker and KeywordDiscovery. You'll probably discover there are several keywords you would like to rank well for. When writing, focus on one keyword or phrase per page.

There's a lot of debate on how many times to use a keyword in a page to make the best impression on search engines. Many experts suggest using a keyword 5 - 6 times for every 200 - 300 word page. Others recommend using the keyword in the headline, and then letting it occur naturally in the website content that follows. You should aim to write pages that are at least 275 words long. It's important to avoid "keyword stuffing" - or using keywords where they don't fit just because you hope it will make the page rank better. If using a keyword seems unnatural in a particular sentence, leave it out!

  • Speak to the audience in their language.

Health insurance can be a little dry. but the writing shouldn't be. Avoid insurance lingo and jargon as much as possible. Try to write in a way that will sound familiar to a visitor's ear. And remember, people are interested in "what's in it for me." Make sure the copy always speaks to the visitor's interest. An effective way to write directly to the reader: use "you" in place of "they", "we", and "people".

Here's a "before and after" example:

At XYZ agency, we aid people in locating a health insurance policy that offers the best benefits, premiums and rates for their individual situations.

When you work with us, you get a team of experts who can help you find the best plan for your budget. 

Which one would convince you to request a health quote?

  • Don't use duplicate content.

You can't get better rankings by cutting corners and putting duplicate content on your site.

  • Write for prospects first.

It's tempting to write all website content to appeal to search engines. But a high ranking in Google won't do you any good if visitors are turned off by keyword heavy, awkward content. An important rule of thumb: if you write content that prospects will find useful and valuable, then search engines will like it too.

Keeping the right amount of keywords balanced with good, engaging copy that speaks to visitors can seem challenging. But the rewards are more traffic to your agency site through better rankings, and content that persuades prospects to convert.

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