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Top 5 Reasons Why an Agency Should Have a Website

If you're interested in growing an agency for long-term profits, you need to have an insurance website. Here are 5 of the very best reasons to get one.

  1. Prospects expect it.

Consumers expect serious insurance agencies to have a website. They go online to find a business's phone number, hours, services offered, and product information. It holds a lot more valuable information than a Yellow Pages ad, it's often interactive, and it's a lot more convenient than having to pick up the phone and risk getting "pitched" a product.

  1. It looks more professional.

Even if a shop is run out of a spare bedroom, an insurance website can make you look like a big-time agency. You get a domain ( to add to brochures, ads, and print materials. And you get to swap that unprofessional free email address ( with one with more credibility (

  1. The competition has one.

That's right. The longer you wait to get an agency website the more time the competition has to carve out their chunk of the local online market.

And a quoting-enhanced website instantly differentiates you from agencies still sporting the limited functionality of an online brochure. When a prospect gets to choose between an insurance website that lets them instantly compare personalized rates and a site that begs them to download document after document, who do you think they'll turn to?

  1. Generate your own leads.

Websites with quoting enabled offer prospects a much more compelling call to action than, "Call Us Today!" Not only do your website visitors get to gather information that helps them make their decision, when they submit their request to get quotes their info is instantly emailed to you.

  1. Expand the market.

Having a website means the market isn't any longer defined by how much gas you feel like putting into the car. Market to as broad an audience as you like, and direct them all to your online office where you can provide them with quotes, brochures, and even applications.

Learn more about getting your own website. Read up on the ways you can use internet marketing to get the most value out of a website in our Internet Marketing Know-How resources.

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