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Insurance Email Marketing: Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened

When it comes to writing email subject lines, insurance email marketers have struck upon a few tricks that can have your message commanding prospect attention. Some tips to try:

Keep it short

Many common email programs cut subject lines off at 50 characters (that includes spaces). Put together a few compelling words and stay under that maximum so people see the full message. Some marketing experts suggest you'll get the best results by cutting email subject lines down to just 35 characters.

Identify yourself

If a person recognize the name of the sender, they're more likely to open the email. Adding your name is one way to get noticed in crowded inboxes. Many commercial senders display their name right at the start of the subject line:

          [ABC Agency] Your Insurance Quote

Avoid common spammer techniques

Email users keep a sharp eye out for spam in their inboxes, so don't mimic the common techniques spammers load their subject lines with. Too much spam writing can also get emails blocked by a recipient's email service provider.

What are some spammer favorites you want to steer clear from?

    • ALL CAPS.
    • The "hard sell". Overly sensational subject lines can raise suspicions instead of creating interest.
    • Exclamation points! Easy to abuse, but important to stay away from.
    • Spam words. Words like "free", "save", "win", "call now" and "toll-free" are all commonly used by spammers. Try to leave them out of your subject lines, or use them sparingly.

Test, test, test

You won't hit on the perfect formula on the first try. Analyze all email marketing campaigns to see which subject lines earned the most opens. Remember, timing is also important when it comes to how well an email subject line is received. But by keeping a close eye on the numbers you should be able to strike upon a combination that outperforms the others.

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