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Search Engine Optimization: Getting An Insurance Website Ranked

The Internet is a great tool for delivering timely, changing information. It lets you attract attention from the RIGHT kinds of people and direct them to your insurance website where they can use the quote engine. Think about it. who would you rather spend time and energy on? People who've gone online to actively look for insurance, or people you're pulling out of the phone book? Which one is further down the sales process?
Search engines are trying to give people the best matches to their search as possible. The practice of getting search engines to consider a website a good search result is called search engine optimization - or SEO.
The best way to optimize an insurance website for search engines is to make the pages relevant.
So how do you go about making pages relevant? Theories abound on this, and every expert has their own opinion. But in a nutshell, the three most important tips are:

  • Have good, relevant content that targets the keywords people are using to search for insurance in your area. Remember, Google prefers content that real people will find useful.
  • Links. When a third party links to your website, someone is vouching that you're a credible resource. The more people who link to a site, the better the chances of getting it higher website ranking. Not all links have the same value, though. Be careful of "link farms" that are long lists of links and don't offer any value to searchers. This type of linking can actually hurt rankings.
  • Accessibility. Where do you keep the most helpful information for consumers on the website? It should be designed to be easy to find. If you can, link to it from the homepage.

The bonus of making web pages relevant and using SEO techniques is that it's better for online prospects. Delivering targeted content based on search terms helps visitors get the answers they were looking for.

Remember that this is just a simple overview of the search engine optimization process. People pay big money to have private firms handle it for them. And search engine optimization is not a "quick fix" marketing strategy. Experts say you should plan on SEO taking up to 9 months to see any real results.

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