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Keep A Website Simple and Boost Conversion

People don't have much patience online. They've turned to the internet to for a reason - they're shopping or researching - and they want to find what they're looking for fast.

Problem is, most insurance websites fail to give prospects exactly what they're looking for. If anything, they give them too much to look at. Leading marketing experts say that crowded pages jammed with every thing that might appeal to a visitor actually drive people away.

Here are some ways to keep an insurance website design simple, and get more people to stick around long enough to convert into leads.

  • Each page has to have ONE objective.

Keep visitors away from the "back" button by making what they want the main focus. If what they've visited your website for is hidden or unobvious, they'll leave. That's why you need to strip away all the clutter that obstructs their path.

  • Assign an offer and an audience to each page.

Do you want visitors to the homepage to submit their information for online health quotes? Then make sure there are no huge offers like life and travel insurance competing with it. Decide the type of visitors you market a page toward, then make the big offer the one they're most likely to want.

  • Make the one call to action obvious.

Call attention to an offer with a related image that draws the visitor's eyes smack to it. Using Flash animations is also a way to make the call to action obvious. But don't go overboard - there's a difference between calling attention to an offer and tasteless, unprofessional images.

  • Write action-oriented copy.

Copy should convey the benefit the visitor will get by taking action. Use verbs when possible. For example: "Compare Quotes And Find The Right Plan For You".

Remember: People go online to satisfy a need. Each page should make it clear what need it satisfies. When you can offer visitors a quick way to get to the solution they're looking for, you can increase the number that will convert into leads.

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