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Using Online Insurance Tools to Recruit New Health Agents

Finding and recruiting good agents to bring on board to the agency can be difficult. Health insurance has a reputation for being more challenging than Life or Personal lines of insurance.
Now there's an easy way to make your agency attractive to potential new sub-agents.

Web-based agency automation tools let you and your agents quote prospects, send proposals, take applications, and even manage leads - all online.

Attractive Recruiting Tools

Once you have tools in place in your own agency, the system is duplicable. Show prospective agents that they can hit the ground running with a proven system that lets them:

  • Present proposals like a seasoned veteran.

Quoting tools let agents work up and email quick multi-carrier quotes or detailed proposals in minutes. Even agents with little experience can look professional when walking prospects through a virtual presentation that compares plans side-by-side.

  • Offer customers the service they demand.

Trying to tie a prospect down to an appointment is like pulling teeth. Quoting tools let agents deliver rates, brochures, apps and proposals in the way preferred by more time-crunched prospects - online and over the phone.

  • Learn new products easily.

Downloading new rates and reading through packets is a chore for most agents. New rates and plans are uploaded into the agency's quoting tools automatically. So telling agents about new products is as simple - and cost-effective - as emailing them a link to the new plans online. It's a great agent recruitment tool.

  • Get a more flexible work environment.

Offline agencies typically require agents to report to the same brick and mortar office every day. With their own website, agents instantly have a "virtual office" where prospects can access quotes, brochures and apps. Combined with a lead management system, agents can tap into and manage all their leads from any internet connection. Giving agents the flexibility of working from home or any location they choose is a huge bonus when recruiting. It also lets you add on new agents without having to expand a physical office.

  • See results fast.

Ramp up time is dramatically decreased. Quoting tools help agents become familiar with popular plans fast and win over prospects easier with instant, professional presentations. In some cases, sub-agents have rocketed to a number one carrier designation just six months after beginning their career in insurance!

  • Keep a full lead pipeline.

One worry potential recruits may have is getting off to a slow start. Internet-driven health insurance leads let you give new agents an easy way to grow their contact database. You can route leads automatically to their account until they're up to speed.

Writing health insurance has never been easier or more attractive to recruit new agents. When your agency offers cutting edge web tools, agents may even come to you.

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