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How Landing Pages Improve Pay-Per-Click Results

Eager to start driving search engine traffic to your website? Before dropping money into a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, make sure to fully think it out.

Successful pay-per-click is more than placing a winning bid. It's about writing effective ad copy to encourage people to click. And importantly, it's about sending the people that click on your ad to the RIGHT kind of web page.

Why Are Landing Pages So Important?

A landing page is the web page where people are directed from a specific online campaign to. To make a PPC campaign a success, you will need to send people to an effective page that follows through with the promise of the advertising message.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Create a unique landing page for each campaign.

A BIG mistake that insurance agents make is they send all their PPC leads to the same page. Or even worse, they send all that traffic to just their homepage. Why is that such a problem?

Because people who click on your ad expect to instantly see information related to the offer. That's the only reason why they clicked. They don't want to know more about you, or read the generic copy on a homepage. They're looking for a specific answer to a question, or solution to a problem. A generic page just won't cut it - when they see it, they'll hit the back button, fast.

  • Keep the headline consistent with the offer.

A targeted landing page needs a headline that relates directly with the offer the prospect has just seen. Otherwise people will get confused and click away.

  • Link to educational content elsewhere on your website.

Once prospects click the PPC ad, they won't all be ready to fill out a form. But they may want to learn more about health insurance. Give them a way to educate themselves by linking to relevant and informative pages on the site.

  • The opt-in form should be "above the fold".

Don't slow motivated prospects down by burying your form at the bottom of the page. Online shoppers lose patience fast - so they shouldn't have to scroll to get to the form. Keep it in the top portion of the screen.

Remember, the best way to convert more visitors into leads is to keep the promises you make in online pay-per-click advertising. and getting them to the info they want fast.

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