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Better Email Marketing Improves Email Open Rates

Email marketing campaigns won't generate any new insurance leads if nobody opens them. Here are a few tips to get more people to open your emails.

  1. Put the agency name in the "from" line.

The "from" line shows who sent the email. Recipients look at that to get an idea who sent the email. and if they should trust them. The "from" line - including name and address - should identify you and your agency. For example:

Joe Agent []

This from line is much more professional and trustworthy than:

Don't have a domain name? That's just one of the perks of having your own website.

  1. Remember the preview pane.

More people are using programs that let them view new emails through a "preview pane" before they open it. This is good for them because they can quickly glance at an email to see if it's worth opening. But it's bad for you because they might not open an email or scroll down the preview pane to read the full email.

Keep the preview pane in mind when designing an email. The call to action should always be at the top.

Remember, it's important not to clutter up the top of the email either. Try to put the most important message first while keeping the design clean.

  1. Pay attention to the subject line.

The subject line is the advertisement for an email. It better be engaging AND make your offer clear in as few words as possible. As a general rule, subject lines should not exceed 50 characters. That's when most email programs will cut a message off. Some experts even recommend keeping subject lines down to 35 characters for maximum effectiveness - and that includes spaces!

Experts also say to always state the offer. For example, if an email includes health insurance quotes, then tell the recipient that's what's inside:

Free Health Quotes For Beth

Want to know more? Check out these other subject line tips.

  1. Don't mislead recipients.

Don't add Forward (FW) or Reply (RE) to the subject lines. It's misleading and it also violates CAN-SPAM rules.

The best way to improve email opens is to keep an eye on what's working. Keep tweaking subject lines and email design until you're seeing the numbers you want.

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