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Health Insurance Call Script

Tailor pitches for internet prospects. This sample call script will help you get started.

First, make sure to let the lead know how you got their information, and why you're contacting them. They'll warm up to the rest of the pitch if they associate you with a request they made online.

If the lead came off of your own website, you can say:

"Hello, can I speak to Scott Johnson? . Hi Scott, this is Tim Agent from XYZ Agency. You requested insurance information from my website, this morning, and I have some quotes to go over with you quickly. I see you're looking for [add the details the lead has provided]? Is that correct?

Some purchased internet leads may also be branded, allowing you to introduce yourself much in the same way, just using the lead company's brand name that the prospect is familiar with.

Once the lead confirms the details of their quote request, congratulate them on their decision to research their insurance options while moving them forward:

"Good - it's important to research your insurance options, and I'm happy to help you. I've got several plans that are very popular in [their state] and might be a good match for you. Do you have any questions about insurance, or would you like to hear about the costs and benefits of these plans now?"

If the person needs more time, request another time to call and follow up.

“I think it's important to take time to think about your options. Is there a best time for me to call and touch base with you? Is next [same day, same time] OK? Do you prefer a call or an email?”

If the person is not looking to buy for some time, ask if you have their permission to contact them down the road. They may be more open to hearing from you again if they're offered information they may find helpful:

“I like to help people keep up to date with the latest ways to save on health insurance in my monthly email newsletter - would you be interested in getting those tips too?”

After confirming a time to follow up with a lead, make sure to enter the appointment in the calendar of the lead management tool. Some of these lead tools will give you a pop-up reminder, so you don't miss the opportunity to contact the lead again.

And if you have a quote engine, you're able to say:

“Based on your situation, I've created a proposal that lets you compare a few of the plans I think will work best for you. I've emailed the rates and information over to you to compare. If you'd like, I'll walk you through each one now, or you can go over them later at your own speed.”     

Remember to keep adjusting your call script until you hit the right combination.

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