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Drip Marketing for Beginners

A lot of agents get trapped in a “feast or famine” marketing cycle. They do a huge campaign and are flooded with leads. They work as many as they can until one day the leads dry up. Then they're scrambling around to bring in a new batch.

Sure, agents can make a living off of this approach. But it's not the most efficient use of time and resources. Leads fall through the cracks. And there's a lot of thumb-twiddling waiting for the next campaign to deliver leads.

A successful drip marketing campaign and email autoresponder utilization can be the solution.

Drip marketing is planning out a long-term campaign designed to touch prospects repeatedly and keep leads coming in on a steady basis. Done right, a steadier supply of leads comes in at a rate you can comfortably handle.

How to Start A Drip Marketing Campaign

Drip marketing campaigns require spreading out the prospecting efforts. Traditionally that means coordinating mailers, follow-up calls, and other ways of touching prospects. Each touch point is crucial to the campaign's success.

Web-based tools called autoresponders are making drip marketing a whole lot easier for insurance agents. Here's how it works:

  1. The lead comes in.

A new lead arrives, either purchased from a vendor or generated by your website or other online marketing campaign.

  1. The lead is subscribed to the campaign and the first message is instantly sent out.

The autoresponder software automatically subscribes the incoming lead to a series of marketing messages. The first email message is sent out instantly, so the lead is warmed up to the phone call you're about to give them.

  1. Continue to market to the lead with automatic messages.

If the lead doesn't buy right away, you are still able to keep in front of them. The autoresponders continue to periodically send out new emails to remind them of your products and services. Some email autoresponder software programs can even include updated individual health quotes, a compelling offer that lets prospects easily take action.

Email autoresponders coordinate with ongoing marketing efforts to encourage sales from older leads. While an email drip marketing campaign probably won't replace all marketing efforts, insurance software is a great way to keep quality leads coming in to supplement other tried and true campaigns.

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