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Use Lead Management Tools to Boost Customer Retention

It's easy to get so busy going after the next sale that it's easy to completely forget about existing clients. Unless they call, you can't divert any attention from new leads.

But without a little attention, clients can start dropping off. Maybe they get hit with a big unexpected rate hike and decide to take their business somewhere else. After all, you didn't step in to help them choose a new plan!

All those annual commissions add up. And the more customers lost, the more you'll have to keep scrabbling to find new clients to take their place.

Lead Management Tools Help Nurture Customer Relationships


Lead management tools lets you keep track of the important events in your client relationships.

When a lead enters the system, you're able to tag it with the appropriate status to easily find the leads who have already bought a plan or those who need a follow-up.

A built-in calendar feature lets you actually schedule events like phone calls and important client dates. This is especially crucial for encouraging renewals. Once you've sold a policy, it's easy to set a reminder for 30 days before the client will get their renewal notice.

These reminders make it easy to send out letters telling a client about any expected rate hikes. Let them know you'll be happy to help them shop for a new plan if they need to. Instead of being hit with an unwelcome surprise, they'll appreciate getting the advance notice. And if they do decide to change plans, they'll trust you to help them do it.

A lead management system make nurturing existing client relationships easier - and helps you keep commissions coming in.

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