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Insurance Agent Blogging: Will It Work for You?

By now, you've probably heard of blogging. But what exactly is it?

The word blog is short for "web log" - meaning a kind of online journal or diary. The first people to keep blogs wrote mainly about their personal lives. But before long, blogs were popping up on almost every subject - including insurance.

In just a few short years, they've skyrocketed to become a form of conversational marketing used by big brand names down to mom and pop-style businesses. And now even insurance agents like you are blogging.

The Blog and the Insurance Agent

Blogging is getting the attention of web-savvy insurance agents for these reasons:

  • New content for search engines. Websites need a regular diet of good content if you want to keep search engine rankings up. Hosting the blog on your own website lets you easily add new content quickly.
  • Keep visitors coming back. If you write interesting posts on a regular basis you're giving visitors a reason to return.
  • Add personality to a website. An insurance blog is a place where you can relax a little and share your human side.
  • Educate online visitors. A blog can be another place to educate visitors about relevant health insurance issues that would be out of place on other sections of your website. And anytime you give someone valuable information, you move them one step closer to buying from you when they're ready.
  • Engage visitors. If you enable comments on a blog then you can begin a back and forth dialog with customers, answering their questions and presenting yourself as an expert.

Is It Right for You?

Blogging isn't for every agent. The most important thing to remember is blogs take maintenance. They can get stale really fast without regular posting. If you don't have the time to post at least once a week, an insurance blog could be too much to take on right now.

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