Company History

Norvax was born in 2001 in Chicago. When we started out, we were developing website content management systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

How Did We Get Into The Insurance Business?

In 2001 a health insurance agent asked us to build him a website. That site was such a success that soon other agents were asking us to help them generate leads and make more insurance sales online, too.

Not too long after that, our new insurance agent clients began to tell us, "You know what would REALLY help me? If I could have ONE tool that would quote all my carriers in all my states."

We talked to some carriers, and it turned out they needed help too. More agents were starting to make serious sales online, and carriers needed to define their role in this new process.

We poured thousands of hours of development into building the first nationwide quote engine software. Now our clients' websites were truly interactive, lead-generating tools - and quoting multiple carriers. For carriers, they had an immediate presence in their agents new "online portfolios" of Individual Health Insurance products.

Developing technology for the health insurance industry has been our focus ever since. Since then we have made numerous upgrades and added additional products to provide agents with an all-in-one insurance sales tools. Now agents turn to us for a complete software solution that takes over their tedious daily tasks and lets them successfully build sales using the internet.

Norvax Today

We have quickly grown from two original founders to a major health insurance sales and online marketing technology provider with over 100 full-time employees. We have continued relationships with many insurance carriers and continue to develop new carrier relationships to increase our clients' quoting options.

The agents who choose Norvax range from independent insurance brokers to some of the largest producers in the country - and now number over 6,500.

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