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 "With us from the beginning technology was new and scary to us. Norvax technology made it easier for us to get online than anything else we looked at… Being online has increased our business profits also by allowing us to acquire more clients. Obviously we want more. I don't see how any agent or anyone in this business can continue to do business without being online."
- Ben Green, Ben Green Insurance

"My sales are increasing because clients like the convenience of applying for insurance online in the privacy of their homes. Having the Norvax Website enables my office to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. It reduces the number of proposals that I must manually generate and mail to interested prospects. My website has a link which goes directly to the insurance company's website. When a client applies online for insurance, the policy is issued an average of 30 days faster than when a paper application is used. In many cases, the policy is issued 2 to 7 business days after the online application is submitted. Using online electronic applications also simplifies and greatly reduces the applicant's information errors and omissions that commonly occur with the use of a paper application. My Norvax Website has helped me do business with clients who I normally would have missed without the website. If an Insurance agent is serious about increasing their book of business, I highly recommend using this new technology."
- M. B. Simmons, SelectSmart Health Insurance

"My website looks very professional. That's why I switched over. We look like a large company."
- Alan Sussman, Sussman Insurance Agency

"We have now included our URL in our Yellow Pages Listings (3 Books). Some people call and others prefer the indirect approach via our website. Since our site is geared toward generating Health Quotes, we close approximately 80% of the leads that come from our website this way! Could not have done it without Norvax! They really know our industry and that is critically important! Great people to (deal) and PARTNER with. Modifications are never a problem, quick and very affordable! Don't hesitate - these guys are tech pros and they really know our business! It's not hard to find web wizards, but is unique to find guys that understand Insurance Sales!"
- B. Thomas, HomeTowne Financial Services

"You don't have a business if you don't have a website anymore. It shows credibility. And it's that much less teaching I have to do, the less time I have to take to explain things. Of those who go on the website, I spend 35% less time on the phone."
- John Ratcliff, Low Cost Health Insurance

 "My SiteBuilder site has helped me to build legitimacy with the potential clients that want to know more about my business before they move forward. I must say that QuoteBuilder has been very useful when I just need to give someone a range that they might fall in price-wise. I have always used company websites and proprietary software to write quotes... The Norvax system is great to save time and effort. I am new to it, and continue to be amazed by the features! I have already referred a friend, and I told him that he would never be able to find a way to build such an excellent site for such a price. I was successful before, but Norvax gives me yet another way to work with potential clients."
- B. Motzel, Sigma Benefits

"I sold my first policy today! Not my first health insurance policy, but the first one where I did not talk to them personally. They went on my website, got the quote, compared the plans and applied online with Unicare. Unicare sent me a notification and is issuing. If you can't get excited about that, then you're in the wrong business!!! I am curious to see as I grow how many of these types of sales I can get in a month or week! I switched to Norvax because I was new to internet sales and wanted the ability to quote them all at once and let the prospects see the quotes before calling me. It's quite impressive! I also love the emails when prospects are on the site looking. I can call them and guide them through the quotes to narrow down the choices. It's very effective! Before Norvax I used the carriers' quoting software and had to check each one: time consuming! It's my best kept secret. What has increased is the amount of time I have to work on other things since a quote now takes me 3 minutes to prepare versus the 20 it used to."
-W. Scholz, Signa Health Inc.

"I used to be confined to one area of California. And now I can do business in all of California. My sales have increased and as well as my personal time. I now can do the same work in 3-4 hours versus 5 appointment days that usually were 10 hours. I use the phone and fax more by generating quotes online. What a great product. Most clients say its the best website they've seen."
- S. Garcia, quotehealthplans.com

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