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"In the 6 short months I've been with Norvax, I have seen my sales actually double. With the time savings I've gained with Norvax, and the programs I'm putting in place, I'll have enough time to take off 3 months a year."
- Joe Stevens, TX Insurance, Top 3 UniCare Producer, 2005

"The Norvax team (sales, customer service, technical support, etc.) helped me develop my process and I owe the success of my operation to their help and patience. It was worth every penny I spent and I recommend Norvax to any and every agent that cares about offering their clients the best products on the market."
- Bill M., Independent Agent

"If you had told me five years ago I'd be sitting in my office, never seeing a client and writing apps I would've said you're crazy. I have less unproductive time. I'm more accessible to current clients. [Norvax] is a win for the agent because you do more business. It's a win for the consumer because the agent is more accessible."
Bill Pellegrini, Pellegrini & Associates

"Norvax allows me to maximize my time with no geographical constraints. I was able to expand my business specifically because of Norvax technology.  I'm now licensed in Georgia and Ohio and confident that I can expand my business as much as I want because of the quoting technology and autoresponders." 
- Rick Liuag, SLM Marketing

"I'm 54 years old and actually started a new career when I was 50, I could not be this successful without using online technology. Going out to see people and spending that time on the road is outrageous especially when you have everything you need in one place through Norvax. I've only visited 3 homes in last 2 years to close an individual deal, and only met in person with 2 groups out of 5 that I closed in Q1 2007."
- M.B. Simmons, SelectSmart Health Insurance
"I have about 50 quality conversations a week. It's a lot different, and the closure rate is a lot higher. It's much more efficient for me and more pleasant for the client. Happier clients and more of them has helped me raise income as you would expect…
I appreciate all Norvax has done, and I love their newsletter. There is always something in it that I can take action on to improve my business instantly. Norvax has kept me in the insurance industry. Norvax really is the heart of my business."
- Rick Russell, Russell Insurance Group

"I think Norvax is the cutting edge and they are ahead of the curve; that's important in this business. Norvax is not reactive they're proactive."
- Bob Brow, Health Quotes USA

"Norvax has definitely streamlined my operations and I spend less time on running my business. I have been on Norvax for a year and I'm now able to reach more customers and reach them a lot faster… To sum it up, Norvax has certainly increased our capacity to sell more policy and sell those policies more efficiently. They've helped us to look more professional in the eyes of the end consumer."
- Chuck Winn, Colorado Benefit Professionals 

 "There's a lot of scam artists out there promising you the world, then they don't deliver. Norvax is the REAL deal. They've come through for me with flying colors. I get over 10 leads a day and my sales have increased significantly."
- Larry Hurwitz, Benefit Packages

"We have been involved with Norvax since they first launched their quote engine. Their incredible online quoting tool has allowed us to dramatically increase our individual health insurance sales in all of our non-resident appointed states. Thanks to Norvax, we are amongst the top producing agents with several insurance companies throughout the country."
- Todd Faucher, Allhealth Insurance Services

"Norvax is the most proactive marketing company I have ever experienced! It is an absolute pleasure to do business with you."
- Fred Havens, Healthcarenow.net

"Just a note to say it is a real pleasure working with you! I appreciate very much the relationship that we have. I really APPRECIATE the level of service that we receive. It is a PLEASURE working with you all."
- J. Addlesberger, URL Financial Group

"Thanks again for your continued support! Your support has allowed us for the 7th consecutive year to be in the "Top 10" individual agents at Unicare. I would appreciate the chance to meet with you in the next couple of weeks to determine if there are any ways you can help us in ‘04."
- R. Holt

"Before Norvax I was closing 50% of my leads, and had an annual sales of $250,000. I'm now closing 70% of leads, and produced nearly $1.2 million AV last year. QuoteBuilder gives me the ability to quote more carriers, and to offer a dual quote engine that allows for HSA only quotes. It's the best quote service I've seen."
- F. Adams, Health Insurance for America

"I'm in Vegas and you'll never believe the amount of people in franchisors that stopped by my booth. I probably had about 50 leads. I showed my websites for three hours. The franchise association came by four times to say hi and he said I had lineups of four deep waiting to talk. I also asked people how they knew about us and most said the email and postcard mailing you did for us."
- B. Rubenstein, Franchise Benefit Solutions

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