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"As result of the quote engine and my Norvax site, we've really been selling well.  We've had a 300% increase over last year and expect the same for next year. It is great because now we can track leads, follow up without going through endless mounds of paperwork, and we can concentrate on providing better service to our customers." 
- M.B. Simmons, SelectSmart Health Insurance

 "I can honestly say that in the six months I have been working with Norvax, they have increased the number of customers visiting my site BY TEN TIMES! I get over 30 exclusive leads per day – that's almost 1,000 leads PER MONTH from my website. Norvax's quoting machine gets rave reviews from actual customers who say it's very easy to navigate, very quick to get a quote, and very easy to apply."
- Jerry Ballard, Jerry Ballard and Associates, Inc.

"This quote engine is AMAZING!  Also, I was able to set it up and get it going inside of 15 minutes. That's FULL integration with my existing site. And the power...oh my goodness. I am VERY excited! What a fantastic product."
- Michael J. Penner, CEO, MJ Penner Health and Life

"An individual application in the past would consume anywhere from an hour to 2 and a half hours of my time. You had to contact the prospect, get the information from them, gather the quotes, meet with them either on phone or in person, do the application with them - it takes a lot of time. With Norvax and the quoting system and the online process, I can cut that down to 25% of the original time or even more."
- Chuck Winn, Colorado Benefit Professionals

"Our Norvax Quote engine is one of our best tools. Having our applications up to date with our agency's number on it and having people apply right online has been a huge timesaver. My conversion is up 40% from 2 years ago. That's all attributed to the quote engine, because I'm not doing anything different and my marketing is the same."
- Alan Sussman, Sussman Insurance Agency

"My quote engine is so fast I can even run quotes while I'm on the phone with a client and can shoot them an email, have them open it up and we can look at the same plan. I'm able to walk them right through."
- Bill Pellegrini, Pellegrini & Associates, Phoenix, AZ

 "Now, quoting is quick, easy, accurate, and extremely professional. This has greatly increased my productivity and sales and has given me more time for appointments for other products, such as disability and permanent life insurance, where meeting with people is still necessary. I'm now able to generate at least 10 quotes per hour which used to take over a half a day. This not only saves time, but saves me money. Instead of paying a secretary or assistant to help handwrite quotes and make table, its all automatic. Also, I don't have to worry about human error (which were frequent before). For my money, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The best investment I've ever made."
- E. Lang, Lang & Associates Insurance Agency

"Potential customers will always need an agent to help them figure out what they want, evaluate the options, and implement to solutions. Computers can't make the sale and build relationships, but they can help the agent have the time to do those things. Norvax saves me time. I'd rather be out talking to customers than stuck at my desk studying proposals! Before Norvax I either had to call in a request to a broker or use two or three company websites to quote. Then I had to spread everything out on my desk and compare it. OR ...I would just quote one company and hope for the best. Norvax saves you time! You can use that time to build relationships with your customers."
- Ron Bridges, Bridges Insurance Services

 "Before Novax we generated quotes through competitors where the format was very confusing for the clients. We spent more time on the phone explaining the quote rather than selling the product. We switched to Norvax because we wanted a faster and more efficient way; a way that would be more detailed for the client. I've enjoyed using Norvax tools. My sales have doubled and I can do the same work in less time. I can now create 20 to 30 quotes per hour. When a client calls me for a quote, the Norvax Tools show exactly what plan they want and what coverage they are going to get. I am closing the sale rather than explaining what certain things in the quote mean. Norvax makes it easier to close the sale."
- T. Randle, Pearl Insurance

"I am able to do virtual presentations with prospects. My sales have doubled and I anticipate to triple sales as my new marketing programs start in March. I will be able to add agents and supply them with quality leads and the ability to sell business in a state of the art virtual office. The customers would rather buy on line as long as they have an agent to give good advice. The new agents will be able to sell over the phone/internet without being face to face (which is very scary at the beginning). Stay at least one step ahead of your competition, use Norvax."
- L. DellaRocco, Health Insurance Associates

"I have seen a drastic improvement in the number of people that I sell on the first call and I am also selling a much larger percentage of my follow up leads. My total sales numbers are up 25% this year and I have hit these numbers by selling a better percentage of my prospects. Many times as an agent, we almost assume what plan someone will want and tend to steer the prospect in that direction. The Norvax system lets me guide the prospect and interact with them. I can now give the prospect the tools to tell me what they want and the system will filter the plans and do all the work for us."
- Derrick Jenkins, First Mutual Insurance Group

"I'm most happy with the ease, the convenience and time saving element of being able to run all your quotes and getting them to people quickly. We've been doing a lot of online business this year. If you can get a quote to them quickly they tend to stop shopping. Now instead of quoting three companies, we quote up to 5 or 6 all within 5 minutes. People like that. We always ask people if they have email access and if they do we can get it out to them quickly. If they don't, we can print it out and just send it in the mail"
 - Jack Krier, Ameri Quote Financial

"Having a technology piece in place has saved miles and miles of driving.  Also having a quote engine is one of the best features we have on our system.  It has saved us so much time from having to go from site to site and scrolling and scrolling to get a quote."
- Ben Green, Ben Green Insurance

"[The Norvax quote engine] makes the website interactive. If you don't have a quote engine, it's just an online brochure. People can't really use the information that's there. It's not accessible. Of course they can download and print stuff, but who does that today? When you've got any number of competitors that they can go to and get a quote, why are they going to print out rate sheets from your website?"
- Phil Daigle, HealthCareShopper

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