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"I ended up stealing away the sale from a large online insurance retailer with LeadMiner. I had no chance at making this sale without the autoresponder because the lead was a week old, and I wouldn't have had the time to get back to it."
- J. Berkowitz, MedeQuote, Chicago, IL

"We have just sold a health insurance policy to a lead that came in to us on 8/1/04!!
Without the autoresponder, it would have never happened!  We have bought hundreds of leads in the past few years and it's nice to know that just one sale will pay for several months of the autoresponder feature."
- Jean Kinzie, Great Lakes Insurance Brokers

"Now I have 700-800 people currently in some stage of marketing from the beginning of the year. The autoresponder is sending out hundreds of automated quotes each month... I just wrote one from back in February that responded to my updated proposal. These people would have been on paper in some notebook and discarded. The system pays for itself and more every time this happens."
- Derrick Jenkins, First Mutual Insurance Group

"The imbedded quote link in every autoresponder we send out is phenomenal. Often the first time people visit a website to get a quote, they're maybe looking at 3 or 4 websites, they're totally confused. Maybe by the third time they get an email from us, they decide, "I should take another look at this." They click on that link and they've got their quote right in front of them, without having to enter in any more information. I think that's fabulous and I think that gives us a lot of business."
Phil Daigle, HealthCareShopper

Having email autoresponders is like having a sales team that never sleeps. See how automated email responders and drip marketing works by scheduling an online demo. Or talk to our Product Specialists to find out more about the software.

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