Write More Policies... without Leaving the Office

Insurance Software Saves Time. Really.

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get all the busywork done and write the ideal number of policies?

We can't put more hours into the day, but we can do the next best thing: make some of the most tedious, repetitive, and unprofitable tasks automatic - with our easy-to-use quoting and management software suite.

The Insurance Quote Engine - Revolutionizing the Way Agents Sell

The days of sitting down and spending half an hour to run a multi-carrier quote are over.

Quote engine technology cuts multi-carrier quoting down to 60 seconds. And plans are shown side-by-side, making it easier for customers to pick the right policy.

Get a Paperless Agency

Now the only paper to send out is the final policy. Forget the expensive packets that take days to reach customers. Create quotes and proposals online in minutes. and get them into the prospect's hands immediately through email.

Customers can easily compare the offer, read carrier brochures and even apply from the convenience of their home or office - all with Norvax's online insurance software.

Not only do online applications speed up the underwriting process and your commission checks, they can't be submitted incomplete, reducing human error.

Rescuing Wasted Time with Automated Lead Management

Wouldn't it be great to stop wasting time on filing and data-entry? You can.

By adding a lead management system to your toolkit, you spend zero time on the data entry that slows the business down and keeps you from the things you do best: working leads and helping people buy insurance.

Leads are automatically imported into the system - regardless of whether they're generated on the web, bought from our health insurance lead program, or from a third-party vendor. Once they're in the system, sort, track, and follow-up on them with just a few clicks of the mouse.

And how about all those leads that just weren't ready to buy the first time they got quotes? You could spend weeks calling them all to see if maybe they're more interested now.

It's much easier to let an email autoresponder touch them all automatically with updated quotes. And if they take another look at the quote, you'll get an instant alert with this automated software - giving the heads-up that the cold lead is hot again.

To see these insurance tools in action, schedule a demo to see how the quote engine software works. Or talk to our Product Specialists to learn how much time can be saved with our tools.

“The success our agents have enjoyed is saving time. Our sales are easier to handle. Our agents now can do the same work in that once took 30 min in 5 min. All our agents love it.”
- D. Oliver, Affiliated Health Insurers

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