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Case Study: Joe Stevens, TX Insurance

Katy, TX - When Joseph P. Stevens, founded TX Insurance in 2002, he had no insurance background. Using advanced online marketing efforts and insurance technology, this former IT consultant's agency now consistently pulls in 200-250 apps a month, and is a regular contender for UniCare's monthly #1 spot. Joseph is also a top producer for Aetna, and has been a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas award winner for the past three years.


Prior to using the Norvax technology, Joe and his wife Hellen had gone through 2 other online quoting companies. Because the other platforms lacked an automated lead import feature, Joe was letting between 200-300 leads a month (over 3,000 a year!) slip through his fingers. Besides the loss in sales, Joe had to hire an admin to sit in his office and enter leads into their contact manager every day at a cost of over $13,500 per year.


Looking for an insurance technology that better suited his agency, Joe decided to give the Norvax tool suite a try.

Tools used:
Insurance Leads
Email Autoresponders
Quote engine


Eliminates $13,500/year liability
Joe has saved over $13,500 a year in admin costs thanks to the automatic lead import/export feature of BrokerOffice. Now his admin is actually making the company money by helping drive and support the sales team instead of just entering data.

"In 6 short months we saved over $38,450 and doubled sales."

Mailing costs slashed by $25,000 a year
Despite their modest size, Joe's team mails over 60,000 pieces of mail a year. Thanks to the customizable feature of BrokerOffice proposals, Joe's printed proposals are now designed to match up perfectly with his agency-branded window-display envelopes. This has eliminated the arduous labor required to hand address 60,000 envelopes, besides the cost of mailing labels.

Volume of quotes run increases by over 300%
Due the previous platforms inability to export leads, Joe and his staff were not able to follow up on all of the leads generated through his website. This meant that of the 600-700 leads generated monthly, he was able to follow up to maybe 300 of them. With the power of BrokerOffice one-click quoting, the team can now follow up on all generated leads.

Says Joe, "This enabled our marketing to ramp up to 1,000-2,000 leads, all of which are now being contacted."

$4,000 in sales that would have otherwise never happened
Although a big believer in insurance technology, Joe had still not had any method of automated follow up to internet leads until he began using LeadMiner autoresponders.

Says Joe, "During my first 21 days as a subscriber, I was able to confirm 10 policy sales that would have never happened without a persistent, automated follow up."

"I have seen my sales actually double. With the time savings I've gained with Norvax, and the programs I'm putting into place, I'll have enough time to take off 3 months a year."

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