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Case Study: Derrick Jenkins, First Mutual Insurance Group

Winter Haven, Florida – Derrick Jenkins of First Mutual Insurance Group first became a Top 10 HumanaOne producer in 2005. He added that achievement to his growing list of distinctions again this year. But for this hard-working agent, these sought-after designations haven't meant resting on his laurels.


"Feeling like I was having people interested who I did not have the ability to physically follow up with after a couple of attempts. With internet leads, they are shopping. Sometimes there are circumstances that may prevent someone from purchasing today. You can be pounding the phones on people initially, but not be able to follow up with them two or three weeks down the road. You just physically can't do it."

To keep track of lead data before using insurance technology, Derrick used a 3-inch notebook. "I went page by page and made manual notes on them," he says. "But I found after three or four tries I'd just be ripping them out. It was a very basic system, but it worked. Just not very efficiently."


Derrick sells virtually every health insurance policy over the phone and uses internet leads as his primary marketing tool. He first learned about online insurance technology reading the ProspectZone newsletter. "I was concerned that I would be left behind if I didn't research these tools."

He did initial research by taking a demo of the Norvax autoresponder and quote engine system. "It seemed like a good fit for someone using an Internet lead program," says Derrick. "And learning that you could get leads in BrokerOffice and have the ability to send them instant, informative quotes sparked my attention. I loved the format of the quotes."

Tools used:
Quote engine
Insurance Leads
Email Autoresponders


No more entering internet leads into a notebook
Now even after Derrick has sold a client, BrokerOffice helps him manage those clients and follow up when needed. Says Derrick, "I can even set a follow up for 60-days before their renewal. I always send them a new quote so when they get that renewal and see their rates are going up I've kept in contact - instead of losing them to a competitor."

Autoresponders keep profits rolling in from older leads
With an automatic email follow up system in place, Derrick now is sending out hundreds of automated quotes each month. "I just wrote one from back in February that responded to my updated proposal," he says. "These people would have been on paper in some notebook and discarded. The system pays for itself and more every time this happens."

25% increase in profits
Because of insurance technology, Derrick has seen a drastic improvement in the number of people he sells on the first call and is also selling a much larger percentage of his follow up leads. "My total sales numbers are up 25% this year and I have hit these numbers by selling a better percentage of my prospects," he says. "Many times as an agent, we almost assume what plan someone will want and tend to steer the prospect in that direction. The Norvax system lets me guide the prospect and interact with them. I can now give the prospect the tools to tell me what they want and the system will filter the plans and do all the work for us."

Online tools help recruit new agents
Norvax technology has turned into an excellent recruiting tool for Derrick. "I can show them a very simple way to present their proposals like a seasoned veteran," he says. "My sub agent Cary Lawhon received a Number 1 Humana designation in March for the state of Tennessee. He just started his insurance career approximately 7 months ago."

More professional presentations
"More than anything it's made me feel like I can provide a very professional presentation," says Derrick. "Before I had this system, I had to present these complicated health insurance plans through a very old fashioned approach. I told the people, "grab a pencil." It's very personal, but not very professional. It's almost humorous now."

He adds, "It isn't just the cost or time savings, it is the level of professionalism and the ability to put plans side-by-side. I provide my prospects the ability to choose a plan based on the benefits each carrier provides in black and white. No gray areas. In selling health insurance, gray areas can come back to hurt you and your clients."

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