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Why Customers Love Agency Automation

After adding up the time savings and extra commissions after using agency automation tools, it's easy to see work is a lot easier and business is more profitable. But insurance technology isn't just about making the job easier for you.

Agency Automation Makes Insurance Shopping Easier

Forget traditional appointments that take hours and exhaust prospects. Norvax insurance automation tools let you both go shopping together right over the internet, and quickly pick out a plan that suits them best.

The Norvax quote engine spreadsheets all carriers' rates and plans in seconds. And by displaying everything in black and white, the quoting software helps you demystify the insurance buying process for every prospect.

No more telling people to "grab a pencil" - quotes are so quick you can take prospects' info over the phone and email rates within seconds. And prospects never have to scramble to clean up the house for a visit again. The quote engine gives them the ability to easily compare carrier benefits, choose a plan, and apply right online.

More Enjoyable for Every Customers

Your insurance website is professional-looking, helpful, and easy for customers to use. Think of it as a convenient online office that stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now customers can view quotes and plans at their leisure - all with the quoting software. And when they get a quote, their information is automatically sent as a new lead.

The lead management system lets you schedule all the important events that long term customer relationships are built on - and pop up reminders make sure you're always ready for clients' renewal times, birthdays, and anniversaries.

And if a client is dissatisfied with their plan, the agency tools make it easy to instantly call up their information and re-quote them - so they stay happy and you keep the relationship strong.

Because Norvax insurance agency automation tools are web-based, they let you reach out to people state and nationwide just as easily as the next door neighbor.

Find out how agency automation can make buying insurance easier for each and every customer. Schedule a demo to see the software and insurance tools in action, or talk to us today.


“It's been a year now and I don't feel like I'm in sales anymore. I'm just helping people… We're finding that we're developing a long term relationship that wasn't available before the Norvax model or with the captive agent model. It's more fun for me and the client.” - Rick Russell, Russell Insurance Group, DelRay Beach, FL

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