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Norvax Insurance Technology Produces Real Results

Norvax insurance tools help you use the internet to increase productivity and reach a larger audience. That way you can focus on what's important - growing the agency and helping more people find the right coverage.

Our clients have experienced firsthand how agency automation and online marketing can transform the way they do business - with easy-to-use sales technology and lead distribution systems.

One agent increased her income by $35,000 when she put her agency online with the help of insurance technology.

Another saw net savings of $45,600 a year when he switched over to Norvax technology.

Agent Case Studies

We have 10 documented case studies in which agents have saved in one year a combined total of:

  • 3,640 hours (that's 455 8-hour days)
  • $219,000 in mailing costs, unproductive admin time, staffing and ineffective print advertising.

These agents are now running 25,030 more quotes every year.

Agent Testimonials

Over the years many agents have shared their success stories with us. Read how Norvax insurance technology and marketing tools have helped them grow their businesses, told in their own words.

Want Similar Results for Your Agency?

Try Norvax tools and see how much you can save with a more efficient, paperless agency. Schedule a demo to see our insurance technology and management system in action, or contact a Product Specialist to discuss putting them to work in your agency.

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